Sunday, February 10, 2013


 Mommy and Jocelyn took the day off and went to Disneyland on Thursday!
 We threw some coins in the fountain out in Downtown Disney for a bit.

 Jocelyn was in LOVE with this Tangled hat....which we ended up leaving at the store!

 She also loved these Minnie ears with the veil! She said it was Ariel getting married!
 For Christmas one of my friends got her a Cinderella Animation doll. They also have Repunzel which she wanted to take a photo with!
 We also did some legos!

 She made a little car that she got to race!

 Thursday and still today as been a little un-nerving by us. There is a mad-man on the loose and he is a little too close to home. His home was/is down the street from daycare. This is what we had to pass Thursday and Friday. Since our daycare knew him too, there house also have police and several undercover officers watching out. It's been a bit surreal but we know our police are doing the best to protect us all.
 Despite the excitement we still went to dance class....

Learned more of the bunny dance!

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