Saturday, February 16, 2013

Red & Pink

 I realized late night Wed that I didn't have anything for Jocelyn to wear on Valentine's Day. So I quickly made her a "heart" shirt with flowers and rhinestones on it! I paired it with a heart skirt she already had and her red converse that I'm so thankful still fit her (size 6)!
 This was the kids the morning of Valentine's Day!

 Later that day Jocelyn had her dance class. I met the family there and then Casen and Daddy (much to Casen's dismay) went home to prepare dinner!

 Waiting for class to start!

 I love how she was lifting her skirt to be able to see her tap shoes, tapping.

 When we got home, Daddy had flowers, candy, balloons and cookies waiting for his ladies!

 Daddy made us dinner and everything! It was a really nice day!!

Friday night was super warm. So we were able to play with the kids outside! First time in a long time! Stroller races!

 Then we played soccer a little bit!

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