Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tea Time at Pottery Barn

 Pottery Barn offers a Tea Time for little girls that includes a craft, cookies, tea and a story! It's just adorable so we had both the girls sign up this year at the mall by Kelly's house!
 We threw coins in the fountain until it was time!
 They told the girls to each bring a doll!

 Where did Emma go?

 Jack and Drew went to the beach with their Daddy and Casen took an extra long nap with his Daddy!
 Playing with the Pottery Barn room set ups! They loved this section!
 Story time started!
 They each got a cookie and apple juice which was tea!
 Both girls so excited!

 Each child got a kit to make a magic wand! It was super cute!

 Then Ryan, Jack and Drew surprised us and we ALL went to Islands! Jocelyn was only slightly hyper by this point! 4 girls and 4 adults! It was super crazy! Thankfully Islands is already a really loud place!
 Then we gave them some sugar......ha! As if they needed that!!!

 Mr. 8 month old Drew already in 2T clothes! He's too cute and so smiley!!
 Silly face time!!!!

 Back at Aunt Kelly's house we played some music....
 and walked Jack on his head! Then we had to go home to see Daddy and Casen before bedtime! Jocelyn was SUPER sad to leave! She cried all the way home.....almost....

Nice weekend!

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