Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jocelyn's Conversations

Jocelyn and I have been having some great conversations in the morning lately! She is so curious and asks a million questions about one topic.

One day we passed DQ where Steve had taken the kids a few times during the summer. Jocelyn asked me why it was dark inside and where were the workers. I explained that it was early and they wouldn't come in until later in the morning. She then asked, "But where's their bed?" I said, "at their houses". She said, "No, they sleep there...". She completely thought that those workers lived in the actual DQ building! Funny the things we think are obvious but need to be explained sometimes!

This morning Jocelyn started asking about Easter and the Easter bunny.
Jocelyn: "When is Easter mommy!?"
Me: "In two months!"
Jocelyn: "Where is the Easter bunny?"
Me: *knowing where she is going with this* "He lives in a hole in the ground. But sometimes you see pretend ones at the mall."
Jocelyn: "Is he big or small? I don't want to see the Easter bunny!"
Me: "The real one is small. Sometimes the big ones are the ones you see at the mall. That's fine, we don't have to see him at all!"
Jocelyn: "Will I get an Easter Basket? Will he come to my house!?"
Me: "Of course! I will tell the Easter bunny to bring it to my work and then I will bring it home."
Jocelyn: "So the Easter bunny won't come to my house?"
Me: "Not if you don't want him too! What do you want in your basket?"
Jocelyn: (big smile crept onto her face) "Maybe M&M's and chocolate ones and maybe strawberry chocolate M&M's!??"
Me: "That sounds yummy! Maybe they will have Cinderella easter eggs too!"
Jocelyn: "OHHHHHHH that would be MAGICAL!"
I just about died when she said "magical"......love her!!!

This morning I was curling my hair as Jocelyn stood next to me talking. She looked up at one point and said, "I can't wait to be big like you mommy!" I said, "You can't!? Why!?" She said, "Because I love you!"
Talk about heart melting mommy moments! Love them!

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