Wednesday, July 10, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

 Last day of school for Daddy! Daycare was closed so Casen joined Daddy!
 This kids loved it!
 We've been playing outside a lot when mommy gets home! Daycare is closed on and off all summer so Casen and Daddy are hanging out a lot. Jocelyn is in the summer program at her preschool and loves it!

 Face might get messy! OH well it's summer!!!!

 At the end of June-ish Casen started taking a liking to cars! He held this bus in his hand for days! Only putting it down to sleep because we wouldn't let him take it in the crib!

 Dinner on the floor? SURE, it's summer! Jocelyn wanted a "picnic"!

 Pretending to nap!
 We made Casen a small train table until we get a big one. He lovesss it!
Happy Summer!

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