Monday, June 1, 2009

23 weeks

So Sunday's are the day that my weeks change. So yesterday we hit 23 wks! Yippee! The weeks seriously go so fast. I try to soak each week up and remember every detail! I'm in such a great place of my pregnancy now! I'm loving it! Her head is always on my right side and she likes to move it around a lot. It feels so weird when she does that! My whole stomach gets super tight. Her little legs are always on the left and she wiggles them around throughout the day and night! She always lets me know when she is awake and needs to change positions! She hasn't kicked me just yet so that is nice! I'm sure that will come soon enough though!
Our crib was delivered on Saturday with no issues! The guys said, "wow this is the heaviest crib we have ever delivered!" Steve looked at them with little sympathy since he was the one that had to put it together! Heehee! Although I will for sure help-that is if he wants it!

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Jen and Brian Tees said...

Look at you! You're still so tiny:)