Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Time

So Kelly, Ryan, Emma and my mom all came over on Sunday to our house to have some family time. My mom is leaving June 22nd-July 6th for a Short Term Outreach Ministry (S.T.O.R.M for short) through her church, Calvary Church in Santa Ana. She did this 2 years ago as well. They are going to Skopje, which is the capital of Macedonia! There will be a total of 9 people going on the mission this time! Their goal is to teach ESL (english) to adults and children in the community. They will be teaming up with two of Calvary's missionaries who live there already! We pray they have a safe and successful trip!
So mom had to soak in a lot of Emma time!

Emma is hanging out with her cousin..heehee! Yep she is kickin it on my tummy! She actually thought this was hysterical and laughed the entire time. But of course we didn't catch that on camera! She is just too fast for us!

She was exhausted after all the playing!

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