Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma E!

 We had my sister and her family over to celebrate Grandma E's birthday! It was a prefect weather day! Now that all kids can walk it's getting a little bit easier for the parents! Kids are getting more independent!
 The girls did some crafts!

 Dancing was involved as well!

 Uncle Ryan even joined in on some of the dancing with the girls!

 Aunt Kari was determined to get all the grand kids in one photo!
 annnddd Grandma E!!!

 All the kids left but Drew....
 Drew's birthday is next Saturday! He will be 1!
 Casen is one too so he had wanted to stand by the sign as well!

 Casen thought he was helping by giving us the sign back!

 Cake time! Jocelyn wanted to make Grandma a Cinderella cake!
 She loved it!

 Did some 1st birthday photos of Drew too!

Happy Birthday Grandma E!!!!

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