Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Photos

 Jocelyn showing off her Cinderella leotard for dance class!

 I found these pictures on what would have been my Grandma Jane's birthday. We just miss her so much! Everyone says the above picture looks like Emma and Jocelyn. My sister is on the left and I'm on the right. We were about 3 years old in those photos! My Grandma Jane was so gorgeous! Miss her everyday!
 This was on our 1st birthday! 10.5.78 in Florida where we lived back then! Kelly is again on the left and I'm on the right!
 This is a photo of San Diego. After we left the hotel at Disneyland, Jocelyn and I threw the dirty clothes out of our suitcase, re packed and jetted down to San Diego. My Uncle's father passed away and the memorial service was that day at 11. We decided to miss the burial (too many questions for a 3 year old) and we only went to the lunch. My sister and I grew up with a lot of my Uncle's family so it was great to see them all!
We stayed with Kelly and Emma for a girls night that night!
 Going to dinner!
 The girls said they were having a "royal sleepover" like Sofia the First does in one of her episodes! Kelly and I got to sleep in the other room of the suite. The girls took about 4 times of us warning them before they actually fell asleep....and about 4 bathroom breaks too!

 Finally all home again together! Casen missed Jocelyn!

 Random photo from one morning of Jocelyn wearing my shoes!

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