Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Disneyland! 50th Anniversary Trip!

 We went to Disneyland April 1st-4th this year to celebrate Steve's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! We stayed at the Grand California! It was a great trip filled fun amenities! The kids had a blast!!!

 We had a view in our room of the fireworks each night! It was so great!!

 This is the Disney Live show at California Adventure! Perfect for 3 and younger! Signing and dancing with bubbles, and streamers falling from the ceiling! Tons to keep the kids interested for 45 minutes! Warning to parents though-most of you are sitting on the floor! Way harder than it use to be for us right!?

 Eat at Carsland Cafe one night! Casen had mac and cheese out of a car!

 Even at Disneyland the kids wanted to play in the water!
 A disney bath! Notice Bambi on the curtains!

 Relaxing with Daddy!
 We had access to the concierge room where food, drinks and coloring are always fully stocked! We could grab anything we wanted anytime! It was a great place to unwind with the kids before the fireworks started! Mommy and Daddy got a glass of wine while the kids had milk each night! 

 Right before fireworks they had story time each night! This man came and read a book every night! He kept the kids so interested! Such a treat!

 Casen only made the fireworks one night!
 The 2nd day we went to the Bibbibi Bobbidi Boutique to get the full princess treatment for Jocelyn! She loved it!!!! She wore her Repunzel dress there with her princess shoes!

 We got the package with makeup but she only wanted them to put on lipstick!

 Casen couldn't stop watching! When they asked him if he wanted to do it he shock his head "NO!" HA!

 Time for the glitter!!
 All done!! Gorgeous baby!!!

 We had to see the princesses right after that!
 Then off to get some churros!

 Jocelyn looking at herself in the mirror when we returned to the hotel!
 Had to show Grandma and Grandpa too!
 Time for some snacks!
 Such a fun experience!!

 The next morning we went to Ariel's Grotto and had breakfast with the princesses!!! Jocelyn was in heaven!

 Her hair lasted through the night!

 Our last night we went to Steakhouse 55! It's a fancy place with linens! Casen took a green crayon and colored ALL over the linens within like 9 seconds of sitting down! The server was super nice and said it was no big deal! I still felt so bad!
 Ice cream! This is the place we lost Jocelyn's Sofia the 1st doll! We didn't realize until late that night! She was in tears and the conceige was so nice and understanding! They said they would go to Steakhouse 55 for us the next morning and look for it! We left our number and that was that! Jocelyn and I left for San Diego early the next morning so I couldn't follow up on my own. I really never thought we would see that doll again! 3 days later Disneyland called and they FOUND the doll! I couldn't believe it! It's back, safe and sounds in Jocelyn's arms again! YAY Disney!!!
 What a great trip! We were exhausted but had great memories!

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