Monday, September 15, 2008

Cold no more!

So two nights ago we noticed the fridge was not as cold as it should be. So we waited a bit and right before we went to bed, we check it again. The temp had gone up even more. The fridge was 50 and the freezer was 40! So basically everything in the freezer was soup! I think I was most sad about the Golden Spoon that had to die a senseless soupy death! The fridge also kept making this weird clicking sound..never good right? So we came to the conclusion we were getting a new one.

Out with the old.......
At school today, Steve was told about this place in Santa Ana off Warner that sells floor models or returned appliances! We were told they were at a discount price. We were also warned it was "in the ghetto"! Steve reminded them that I use to live in LBC so I was not worried. I could hold my own! So when we got there is was slightly in the ghetto but not a bad area at all! It could have been worse for sure! It's a big warehouse full of appliances! Half of which were refridgerators for many rows. No one helps you, you just go through them all alone and then let someone know if you want one. We were really surprised to find most were 50% off! Others were 30-40% off the original price! The reason for the discount was scrapes and dents in some. Some were missing drawers or maybe the drawer was broken. Some had been used and marked "returned" for whatever reason. If you don't mind searching through a few rows to find one with the least damage then this is the place for you! We changed our minds 3 times and finally decided on this one below! It gets delieverd on Wed. All the same warranties and delivery deals as if you were at Sears! So fun! So now we are just hoping it fits through the door! In with the new...
Inside view! It has french doors that open the whole fridge. The freezer is at the bottom in two separate drawers.
So we realized we will now have to eat out 3-4 days this week! Oh and no ice cream for Steve. I hope we survive! HA!

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