Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Neil Peart!

If you know Steve, you know he LOVES Rush with a passion! Obviously I quickly learned this! With Steve being a drummer he knows the best drummer when he hears them! Although I still think Travis Barker (who is that???  Some guy who plays the same beat, at the same speed on every song?!?!? ed. Steve butting in!) and Neil should have a drum off to prove it! I've been to about 3 concerts now, nearing my limit! 

But, I've found myself humming along to some of their songs and actually liking a few as well! I was surprised to find that Neil had books out and I've actually read one now! He is a great writer and has a very intense life to tell about. 

Oh and his wife is an artist/photographer and her name is Carrie. Hmm maybe Steve sought me out to make his life even more like Neil's..I gotta look into that! Anyways, happy 56th birthday Neil, wherever you are...! RLRR LRLL LLRR LLRR

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