Friday, August 26, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower at Work Today!

Today I am 35 wks! Which means I have 35 days left!
My work surprised me with a big baby shower today too! I was so shocked! They lied and said they an issue with some labels that I needed to help them with! So they dragged me into the conference room where I found all this!!!
AMAZING! They have been working on it for awhile and were oh so sneaking! Getting my room colors and everything! I am so blessed to work with such amazing people who care so much!!

Marivel made me some amazing onesies once again! Just like she did for Jocelyn!

Another one of the girls on my team MADE this guitar mobile! I work with such creative people! I love it!

So much yummy homemade food!! We were stuffed by the end!

Diaper pale!

Later Santiago's wife brought in more presents to my office! Geezz...I'm so spoiled!!

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