Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretend City

Last Saturday we met my mom and Emma out at Pretend City after gymnastics! We dropped off daddy so he could go work in this classroom! Kelly and Ryan were at a wedding in SB for the weekend so my mom had Emma all weekend! Jack went to his other grandma's house!

The girls had so much fun together! At first they were a bit shy but warmed up semi-quickly! By the end of the day they were running around and yelling for each other to come do some new thing!

Jocelyn loved filling up her car with gas! "GAS" she would tell me!

Jocelyn's favorite part was the water! Or "wader" as she calls it! She went back to this area several times!

They also went to the store and bought a lot of fruit!!

Then they played with blocks!

They thought it was pretty funny to knock them down! Although it did take awhile to show them that you could even do that! Ha! Such girls I guess!

We also went to the craft room 3 times! We made an apple craft with tissue paper and a paper plate, then we painted with brushes and then we did stamps! I think the stamps were their favorite part of the craft room! Jocelyn was very busy cleaning up her area with wipes after she was ton! Ha!

While Emma would put her entire hands on the stamp pad and make a big hand print on the paper!

After 2 1/2 hours Jocelyn STILL didn't want to go! But it was time! We will be back soon I'm sure! There was still so much to do!

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