Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our New BBQ!

So we finally got the new grill! We actually paid for it last week but we wanted them to put it together. They have a guy that will do it for you, but he only comes on Wed.'s. So we had to wait. Steve had to take the side's off to get it in his truck though. He is really excited because it has 5 burners and one on the side. He is all in to the BBQ thing. I just like to eat what he makes!

Explaining the functions as I listen intently!
So last night he cooked up some steak...
And some shimp! It worked like he wanted it too! I'm sure we will be BBQing even more now so he can get use to it. Now what to do with the old grill..hmm!

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kelly and ryan said...

were looking forward to eating off it this weeknd!