Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 Monday I took the kids to the library! Jocelyn loves books and picked a no picture book about dogs! She "read" it for awhile.
A little boy who was 5 came over and started to play with her. He asked her name and said he wanted to play with her. They played really well together for a bit very quietly since we were in the library of course.
It was pretty funny watching Jocelyn and then I heard her say, "Do you like my boots!??" He wasn't too interested of course! She was over it by then and said, "well I gotta go because my daddy is waiting at home for us to eat dinner!" Love those moments where you can watch them interact with other kids!

 Shhh....it's the "ly-barry" mommy!

 Then off to run off some steam outside!

 Of course we had to jump in some puddles as well!

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