Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Davis Family Christmas!

 On the Saturday before Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with The Davis side at our house!
 Jocelyn helped me make lasagna, garlic rolls and cheese dip! We all had a great time!
 Despite it being, "California cold" we let the kids run off some steam before we got to the presents!

 Nicolas climbed our tree!

 Casen and Aunt Robin

 Ready for some presents.....

 The kids had plenty to open! It was crazy!
 Jocelyn got a lunch box for preschool from Grandma and Grandpa Davis!
 Giving hugs and kisses!

 Grandma Davis with her grandkids! Casen (15 months), Jocelyn (3) and Nicolas (7).
What a great time with family! Merry Christmas! Jocelyn loves posing for photos now! She said we had to pose like this! Love her!!

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