Friday, January 27, 2012

Jocelyn Says!

I want to start doing post about different conversations Jocelyn has with us! She is talking SO much now and some of the things she is saying are hysterically! I think it's because they are coming out of her little mouth with her little voice! So as I remember them I will post them! I'll call them, "Jocelyn says"!

Jocelyn says, "Um guys...I have a tummy ache and a headache! I need medicine! Two!!"

Jocelyn says, "I TINY!!" (completely out of the blue)

Jocelyn says, "She's MY Mommy!" too Casen
Mommy says, "Oh no Jocelyn, I'm Casen's mommy too!"
Jocelyn says, "NO he DADDY'S!!"

Jocelyn says, "Me draw picture for GrandmaGrandpaDavis"

Jocelyn says, "Casen poo-pooed!"
Mommy says, "He did? Should we change his diaper?"
Jocelyn says, "Yeah!!! PEE-YOUUU" *as she holds her nose!

Jocelyn says, "Be BACK OK!? 2 minutes! Promise!"
*She has started to add "promise" to the end of a lot of sentences!

To Casen before he was suppose to get his shots:
Jocelyn says, "Casen no cry, ok!? You get BOOM (as she slaps her arm and leg) and no cry, kay! Promise!"
Casen says, "Ahhh gooo!"

If we tell her we are doing ANYTHING she asks us about 100 times before the event if we are still doing that! So we decided to tell her what we are doing only a little bit before to avoid hearing that SO much!
Mommy says, "Jocelyn, today we are going to Issac's birthday from daycare! It's going to be an Elmo party!"
Jocelyn says, "ISSAC'S BIRTHDAY??????"
and then repeats, "ISSAC"S BIRTHDAY? I wanna go Issac's birthday!" in a super sad/whiney voice UNTIL we pull up to the party and get out! HA!

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