Saturday, September 18, 2010

Outdoors Eating

So after a crazy week of the mommy being sick with strep throat and the baby having a cold, we needed a little outdoor dining tonight. We set up a bunch of toys out on a blanket and pulled out the bubbles. Steve graded papers and we just hung out outside. We also decided to continue dinner there as well.

We had yummy mexican food from El Torito! The mommy was not cooking yet. Strep throat really takes it out of you.

Jocelyn loved it. The sun was going down and so I grabbed the camera and we took a bunch of picture's! Had to post them since we have lagged on the blog this week.

I turned my head for a second and when I turned back the bowl was on her head! Almost caught it!

Jocelyn's hair only turns up on one side! So funny! It looked so pretty when the sunset caught it! Took forever to get this shot!
This was Steve's favorite!
She uses her spoon every once in awhile but her hands are still her favorite right now. As you can see she has her bottle tucked in there safe in case she needs a sip!
You can almost see all her teeth in this shot. She has 4 teeth on top coming in! The 3 on the bottom seem to be down growing up now! So 7 total!
Artsy shot! Kinda dark but still loved the lighting!
She was waving, "bye bye" here meaning, "all done" mommy! Ha! Not sure if she meant with the pictures of the food! :-)

Happy Baby!!
I'll update our GI doctors visit after we get another test back next week! Just want to be able to post ALL good news!

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