Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 11 months Baby Girl

11 months! Jocelyn is changing so much everyday! She's learning and repeating things she see's all the time now. Mannerism and sounds! She seems to be babbling right through the alphabet! She is now on "f" and "sh" sounds! She has pretty deep conversations involving these new "words". She will be really into one babble for a week and then the next week it's on to a new sound! This morning she called me "mama". Looking at me and not a babble. Melted my heart! Her official first word was "Dad", "Dada" or "daddy". She uses all 3 all the time towards Steve but never really addressed me as anything until this morning! Kind of a trade off since she mostly only wants me to hold her.

We don't have another weight check until the 17th so not sure how much she currently weighs. However, she seems like she is so much heavier and solid now! We are sure she's gained a lot by now!

She is for sure not 22lbs yet (the max for her infant carrier). But she is 28" which is only 1" away from the max length for her carrier. So after 11 months, we are finally transitioning to a convertible carseat! We did a ton of research and new we only wanted a Britax Marathon. They just came out with a new line of carseats so their current ones were drastically reduced in price! Something that comes in handy when you have to buy two of them!

This will be daddy's task this weekend!

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Jen and Brian Tees said...

YAY! You're gonna love the Britax...they're the best car seats out there:)