Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We took some "smash cake" picture's in our backyard of Jocelyn a few weeks ago! I wanted to get some shots that would mark her up coming 1st birthday and possible use them around the party or something. Didn't work out too well. She never smiled and was actually more into the flower than that cake! I didn't really think she would eat the cake but just wanted to get some fun messy picture's! At least we had fun doing it!

So we finally got our results from the Pediatric GI doctor. Her blood work and poop samples were great! All levels were great. Her Upper GI Series showed her organs were fine and food went down fine and digested fine. So he said there was no reason that she can't gain weight. Which is super great, amazing news!

She gained almost 1lb in 4 weeks as well. We were super happy about this as was our general pediatrician! But the GI doctor wants more. So he increased her calories per ounce to 27! He had increased it to 24 (from 20). So more scoops of formula basically! Then after she turns one he wants her to be on PediaSure which is 30 calories per ounce. We were looking forward to weening her to regular milk. But guess that won't happen just yet. We've signed up for anyway to get coupons for it too because it's not cheap and actually comes out to be more expensive than formula! Oh well, our sweet girl is worth it!

He also switched her reflux medicine and has started her on a medicine that is suppose to make her hungry! So we will see if this all works to help her gain even more the next few months!

One bit of weird news was that the GI doctor said that her Upper GI Series showed something abnormal on her lungs. So he ordered another xray which she had Friday. I finally chased down the results yesterday. The doctor said that the new xray of her lungs "looked much better than the first one but if her cough persists for 7-10 days more than we will need to be referred to a Pulminary Specialist".......ummm what cough? She doesn't have a cough! So now I'm going to call our general pediatrician to explore what this means further. I'd like her to take a look at it as well!

Meanwhile, I got Strep throat so bad I thought I was going to die! I literally could not swallow! I was SO sick I could not take care of Jocelyn! Steve had to be mom and dad for a few days! I had to hide from Jocelyn or else she for sure found me! But mommy needed sleep oh so bad to get better! Took about 5 days but I'm finally back!

Jocelyn is happy and learning more and more everyday! The other day she held up her duck and said, "DUCKY!" in the bath! I said, "OH WOW, yes that is your ducky!" Then she held up her boat and said, "DUCKY!" That cracked me up! So I had to say, "Oh no, that is your BOAT...can you say BOAT?" She said, "DUCKY!" So guess not!

Ok I'll show stats at the end this time:

Weight: 16lbs 10oz (9/17)-if she gained another 1lbs by 1 she will be back on the chart. Most likely won't happen until at least 1 1/2 though.

Height: 29 1/4"

Head: 28"

Words: Dad, Dada, Daddy, Momma, Ducky, "tan-u" (we think this is thank you-it's said usually when we give her something), "byeeeeeee" (the "E" is very emphasized), and then a WHOLE lot of other babble that we don't totally get just yet!

New thing: Pointing at everything in the house...everything....ha!

So that is about it! Just getting ready for her 1st birthday now!!!!

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