Sunday, September 27, 2009

9 month Belly

Today we are 40wks. Tomorrow is my official due date..Sept 28th! It looks like it may come and go without visiting a hospital and without giving birth! Hmm...we have mixed feelings about the whole thing! It's been really nice of God to give me an entire week off of work with little responsibilty. But I guess I still question why I've gotten this time off. I tend to have a hard time just relaxing and turning my brain off. I always come up with something I should be doing or I'll just create a project to actually do! I've been able to clean things that are always pushed to the side! I've even gotten to visit Steve for lunch! Her room is ready to go, we just need a baby! It's hard to go out and do things because it's just tiring getting around and it's been really hot. Not to mention I seem to make retail people a bit nervous when I walk into their store! It also takes a lot out of me and my blood pressure tends to go up. So I've been trying to rest, relax and enjoy these last few quiet days!

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kelly and ryan said...

pretty pretty lady! i'd like a day off this week so it'd be super if you could make baby davis fall out?