Thursday, September 3, 2009

NST and Labor/Delivery

So our NST (non-stress test) was fun yesterday! I sat like this for 30 minutes until I was ready to fall asleep! Except they make you push a button everytime she moves or you feel a contraction. So you have to stay a litte alert! Steve snapped this pix from his iphone so it's kinda grainy. I was sooo sleepy...! All day yesterday I was having slightly painful, consitant cramping that was low and wrapping around my back. At one point they were 5 minutes apart for 2 minute each but it never stayed that way. The doctor said, "yeah well those are early labor contractions-totally normal since you are 36wks". Ok then! She was unphased (her character on most things) by them and won't stop labor if it happens now. She basically said if they start to get closer together for longer periods of time or more intense where I'm having a hard time breathing through them, then it's time to go to Labor and Delivery. My doctor doesn't do internals so we don't know if I have any progress. But you could see the baby contractions on the monitor print out everytime I would have one. I remember what Kelly's looked like and I have a long, painful way to go! Ha! So we will continue to do the NST's every week until I deliver. She said the baby looked great and her heartrate and amniotic fluid was perfect! So that is great news!

This is a shot of the heartrate only... After our doctors appt we had already planned on pre-registering at the hospital that is just across the street. We booked a hospital tour but they couldn't get us in until the 16th so our dr told us just to go over on our own.
The nurses there were SOO nice! I was really surprised at how approachable everyone was! They took our paperwork and then one of them asked when we were due and if we booked the tour yet. We explained that it was full until the 16th and she said she would give us a tour right then! So nice! So we got a one on one! We feel better now, knowing exactly where to go and for the most part, what to expect!
All in all it was a crazy day with lots of info! We felt super overwhelmed when it was all over! My cramping stopped last night and has only picked up a little this morning! So we will see what the next few weeks bring!

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