Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breastfeeding 101

We started out 2 part Breastfeeding class last night. It was held at Long Beach Memorial with Susan Orr! She is great! We heard a TON of info and we hope to retain most of it! It kinda got us excited and scared at the same time for what is to come! Big reality check!

I had no idea Steve took this picture! I was deep in concentration apparently! So much info!Next class is not until the 14th since Labor falls next Monday! We are cutting it a bit close I know! Ha!


Jen and Brian Tees said...

So cute they gave you a nice teddy bear. Our class provided freaky baby look a-like's with their mouths OPEN!

kelly and ryan said...

can't wait till there's a REAL baby in your arms! yayyyyyy! and yay for susan orr! she was awesome! (besides being a bf'ing nazi)