Monday, August 31, 2009

Nursery Progress!

Her room is coming along, but not completely finished yet! I finished the mural design on the wall this weekend! It was actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be. The stripes took a LOT of planning and I think that is what helped it go so smoothly! I did 8" stripes which ended up being pretty even over the entire wall with 1/4" to spare at the end. I read some turorials on doing stripes to get some "helpful tips" but for the most part I just kinda dived in! Blue tape is your best friend for all stripe projects! I just made sure it was stuck to the wall really well so the paint wouldn't leak through to sides! Using a credit card helped versus just pushing it down with your fingers.
To do the design part, I took a picture of her bedding in the crib. Then I uploaded it to Illustrator and drew out the design. Then I messed around with it until I came up with a design that would look good on a wall! So it's not the same exact design in her bedding but just designs pulled from it. Then I printed it out and used a projector to project the imagine onto the wall. Then I traced the design with a pencil. Then I filled in the colors I wanted! Waaah-la! Design complete! Ha!
We are going to put her name in the middle of the two designs. But we are keeping her name a surprise until she is born! We want her to know it first and then we will tell everyone else! Stop guessing Kelly!

My hospital bag/suitcase is on her ottoman. Everytime we remember something else we put it in there. We definitely have a lot more to pack in there! We also still have to put up her curtains. We put one of those pull down outdoor blinds on the outside of her window. The sun comes right in this room in the afternoon and was making it too hot. So that as definitely helped to keep it cooler and darker during the daylight hours!
The armoire that Steve put together! She already has lots of stuff to put in it! Definitely needs to get more organized though!
Her changing table that Steve also put together. We have some stuff to put above it but it's not complete yet.
Her closet that needs a lot more sorting! She is so spoiled already!

So it's coming along but we still have a lot more to do before it's complete!

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Jen and Brian Tees said...

O-M-G the wall is gorgeous!!!! I wouldn't expect anything less. She's one lucky lil' girl to have such a creative mommy. GOOD JOB lady!! xo