Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the 28th!?

Wow, it's the 28th of August...and we are due the 28th of Sept....30 days away!? We can not believe how fast August went. It feels like I JUST turned my calender from July! I guess that is what happens when you have a super busy month!

Now when people ask "how far along are you?"! I hestiate to say "9 months!" Lots of people give me the side eye and a very confused look at that response! What they (seems most of the people at my work with no kids) don't realize is, I still have 4 wks left. I just started my 9 months which is why us women are pregnant for 10 months! It's like a bonus 4 wks I way to look at it! Ha!

Tonight we are off to Shannon and Todd's to see their new house! We will have dinner by the pool! It will be so nice considering it's 100 degrees today! At lunch it was 115 in my work parking lot! As you can imagine, I opted not to go out!

Steve has been super nice to let me use his car the past few days as mine needed some work! He took care of everything!! We pick it up today and hopefully it will be the last time I need work on it before we trade it in! Woohoo!

Steve has been back to school since Thursday but with teachers only! Everyone is working out the kinks and they will all be ready for the kids on Monday! We pray it's a good first week back for him!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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