Monday, August 31, 2009

Carseat Cover

I decided to tackle the carseat yesterday! I wanted to get the carseat cover on it and figure out how to adjust the straps and all. We went back to The Baby Guy at the Orange County swap meet to get the cover. We had the intentions of getting a purple one but when we saw the red/turq, cherry themed one we fell in love with it! Plus it matched our red stroller so it made sense! He has SO many patterns to choose from it's really hard to pick just one!

We put the babies first Teddy Bear given to her by Grandma E. in the careseat. She is testing out the seat to make sure it's safe!

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Weinstein Family said...

The nursery is beautiful!!! This brings me back to 5 years ago when we were waiting for Cameron....we did the same thing and put a stuffed animal in the carseat! So cute. Oh, and we kept her name hush hush too until she came.