Thursday, August 6, 2009

32 1/2 week appt.

Our doctors appt went well yesterday! We've been going every 2 weeks now. We had been going every 2 wks previously because of my high blood pressure. But then they went back to 4 wks. But now we are at the point where they move every patient to 2 wks who is at this point in pregnancy!

The appt's tend to be faster now but we get an ultrasound at each one because of my high blood pressure. We use to get really excited but now they are loosing their steam! She is getting bigger and her head takes up the whole screen. It's much harder to see her move around now.

Her head is offically down now. It was side ways at 29wks when we had our 3D. Then 5 days later at our 30 wk appt it was down. So she checked again yesterday to make sure she stayed that way and she had! She is having less jerky movements now. Totally normal since she is "locked in" as the doctor put it!

We start the NST tests at 36 wks. It's basically a stress test for the baby. Just to make sure she is handling things ok in there. Then we will get an ultrasounds and on our way!

I'm feeling good still! Energy level changes day to day really, but overall doing well! Sleeping is getting a bit harder, but not unbearable by any means! Although Steve has reported I'm now a snorer! Heehee! I hear this happens a lot with pregnant women! But I just tell him it's payback for all the nights I layed in bed and listened to him snore. He said he now knows how I felt! Let's hope it goes away when the baby comes out...but then the nights will be replaces with crying I guess...Ha!

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