Thursday, August 20, 2009

34 1/2 week Dr's appt

Our doctors appt went well yesterday! Heartrate was 156bpm this time! Highest it's been since she was 5wks! She must have been moving around! We got yet another ultrasound but you can't see anything in it. So I won't post it.

We were informed that this was our last "fast" appt. From here on out we have to do NST (stress tests) test at each visit. They just hook me up to a machine and see how the baby is tolerating everything and make sure the placentia is ok! Usually only takes about 20 minutes but then afterwards you have to see the doctor and review it so I guess time adds up!

Strangely, they booked every appt for us until we are due! I guess since we have the NST test at every appt from here on out, they do that!? Not sure! But it sorta freaked us out since it made us realize her due date is 5 wks away now! Wow! 40 days to go!

My feet have started to swell again! Mostly my left foot/ankle! I now refer to it as my "cankle"! Before if they did swell, it would go down well before the morning. But not so much anymore! They were so HOT last night that Steve got me some frozen veggies to put on them. He joked that I needed to let him know when dinner was ready because he was sure I'd be able to boil them on my feet! Poor baby feetsies!

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