Thursday, April 15, 2010

Solid Foods, Sitting up and Sophie

We started solids when Jocelyn was about 5 1/2 months (which was a month ago now). She's now tried green beans, sweet potatoes and carrots. We can't really say she is a fan of any of it yet. Green beans went over the best though! Meaning she didn't puke or choke on them! Ha!vWe will keep trying solids though to get more calories in her! We hope it helps with her weight gain!
Jocelyn has really started liking her Sophie lately! Since she's gotten her two bottom teeth it's been helping her out! Her teeth are still only showing millimeters tall, but they are so darn cute. Hopefully I get a picture of them soon! It's just so hard!

Jocelyn also started sitting up around 5 1/2 months too! She has been practicing every day! She still sometimes falls over but she is getting pretty good at it. Most of the time I put her down and she just reaches her arms back up for me to pick her up! I taught her to do that a few weeks ago and she is getting really good at it! She is so darn cute we can hardly stand it!
Steve bought a call the other day and she loved playing with it!

I was dying when I got this picture of her hand! Not an easy task! Baby hands are the best!!

Showing off her tininess!

Carrots-she seems pretty unimpressed!
She would rather eat her tray most of the time!
GREEN BEANS! Her "favorite" for now! Or maybe it was just Daddy that is her favorite!

Tomorrow Jocelyn will be 6 1/2 months! We can't believe it! She will have her next well visit on the 27th! We pray she has gained weight! If not, we are going to explore some things we have researched. She is thriving in all other areas however so we will continue to encourage those milestones!

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