Tuesday, April 27, 2010

6 Months, 3 wks Doctors Appt

Jocelyn's Stats:
Weight:13lbs, 3oz
Length: 25 3/4"

Stage 2 solids! Peach/Oatmeal/Bananas, Apples/Plums, Mommy, Daddy, passing toys back and forth from hand to hand, taking her pacifier in and out and biting on it, her Leap Frog Bus (handed down by her cousin, Nicolas), her exersaucer, sitting up, holding her hands up to be held!

Leaving mommy (especially on Mondays), some doctors, shots, green beans, avocados, sweet potatoes, carrots, high chair, pulling clothes over her head, teething.

We had Jocelyn's well visit today! We are seeing a new doctor within the practice that we love! She takes so much time with Jocelyn and calls us at home to check up on her! She remembers her when she sees her and it's what we've been looking for. If Jocelyn gets upset she waits for her to calm down before she continues to talk to us. She never rushes us and asks US questions! Good questions! She listens to the answers and reads her chart and knows her history! Jocelyn is not like all the other kids she sees all day long and she was the first doctor to realize that finally! It makes us really happy and we feel like we can finally breathe a little at the doctors now!

After many questions today the doctor thinks Jocelyn could have reflux. I'd mentioned this to other doctors but they always quickly dismissed it and went to other bigger causes! This doctor has put Jocelyn on Zantac and will check back with us in a week to make sure it's working. She started her on the lowest dosage so if it doesn't work after a week, she will up the dosage and then we will go from there.

Most babies would not see the doctor until 8 months. But we will see her again in 4 weeks for a weight check.

She only gained 9 ounces in a month this time so the doctor wants to watch her closely! We did stay out of the doctors for sick visits for an entire month! That hasn't happened since before she got RSV. So that is definitely progress!

We have started her on Stage 2 food that she likes much better than Stage 1! Her favorite so far is the Peaches/Oatmeal/Banana combo! She also likes the Apple/Plums combo as well!

So we will continue our mission to get some more meat on her bones! However, despite her weight we have a very happy, aware, social baby on our hands!

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