Friday, June 10, 2011

Elmo at breakfast

Jocelyn has a new favorite. His name is Elmo! You may have heard of him!? We didn't know she even knew who he was until we went to Sea World! They have a seasame street section and of course Elmo was there. She saw and screamed, "MELMO!"

After that we thought we would get a DVD of "melmo" for her to watch. She often asked for it by pointing to the TV.

Then we got the iPad and I started to look up utube video's of the Elmo show! Perfect!! I saved a bunch to our favorites so they are easy to find. Now Jocelyn thinks the iPad is HERS to only watch Elmo on! Ha! But she loves it!

This morning though she had a special request. She wanted Elmo to sit with her IN her highchair at breakfast! She even fed email cereal too! How nice! So now when we walk into her room in the morning the first thing she says now is "MELMO!?" versus "SHOES!!??"!

Steve loves this new app on our phones for Instagram! You can change the filter of your picture to look older, black and white, raw...etc! It's pretty cool! So Steve converted this picture that I took this morning! A before and after..instragram style!

I'm also 6 months pregnant today! Woohoo! Very exciting!!! Casen is kicking and started to get hiccups now! It's fun to feel his little shakes & kicks in my belly! I love that feeling so much!

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