Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year we had Steve's parents and sisters family over. Jocelyn gave Steve a fancy watch earlier in the day along with a fun photo card!

We ordered Naples Rib Co and eat outside. We grazed all day and just let the kids play in the backyard. The sun finally came out around 3pm and ended up making it a super nice day!
Grandma Davis is feeling better but still a little weak. Each day she is getting stronger. She gave Jocelyn a gardening set to play with in the backyard!
Grandpa Davis pushed Jocelyn in her swing!
Steve caught an cool shot of Nicolas throwing the ball!
I promise no toddler was hurt in the making of this photo! :-)
Nicolas was trying to convince Jocelyn to go into the tunnel. No way she was not into it. So he threw her baby in there instead.

Thankfully she thought that was funny!
Mmmm dessert! I made strawberry shortcake and Steve's mom brought mudpie!

Even Nicolas pushed Jocelyn in her swing! She loves her swing!
During our Father's Day my BIL (brother-in-law) Jeff started telling us about a seminar he had attended to learn more about his canon camera. I started listening and realized a few things. One, I need a new lens if I will ever get a good shot of her in her nursery (low light) and two, I love learning more about my camera! I had even bought a book on the subject of taking photos of kids but realized after reading a lot of the book my camera lens couldn't get as low as some of the ISO's they wanted me at to get "the shot"! Talk about frustrating! So Jeff recommended the lens he had that was basically the best for our money! Also keeping in mind two small kids will be around this camera so don't really want to put TOO much money into it yet.

I'm so excited! The lens should be here today! I can't wait to practice! Hope our subject stays still!

Some shots Jeff took of Jocelyn outside showing me the settings to use. Her face is a total dirty mess after a long day of outside play! But still the cutest face ever!

Needed a different setting for this one probably to let him more light....

So fun! A super great Father's Day!

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