Thursday, June 2, 2011

23 weeks...

Steve noticed that again I inadvertantly dressed Jocelyn and I in the same colors. I seriously don't even think about it but it happens a lot!

Showing off the belly at 23 weeks. I think this is the only belly shot we have done with Casen so far! Whoops!

In other sad news, Steve's mom has become ill. She is currently in the hospital now and has been since Monday afternoon! It was a Memorial Day spent in the ER. We are very worried about her and pray for her constantly!

We have had lots of visits from Grandpa lately has he cannot be in the hospital between 7-8pm for shift changes. So we get him dinner and try to distract him as much as possible to give him a break during that time.

Steve and his sister are taking different shifts at the hospital as well.

It's hard on all the family now but we just want to get her through this. We will continue to pray for her!

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