Monday, June 13, 2011

Elmo's Healthy Hero's: Seasame Street Live!

I forgot we had taken these pictures of Jocelyn before we left for the Elmo show! So I added them today! Love her poses!

On Saturday we took Jocelyn to an Elmo show called Elmo's Healthy Hero's! I got the tickets off one of the local blogs I read for 50% off! I love finding deals! It was at the Long Beach Terrace Theater! What a fun morning!

It was nice to be in a place with ALL kids. We didn't have to worry about Jocelyn being loud or anything. It was great.

To our surprised Jocelyn sat for the entire 1.5 hours of it! There was a 15 minute intermission as well. But she didn't even need that! She will barely watch any show at home for more than 5 minutes!

By the end of the show she was up and dancing to all the songs! So much fun!

Toddler Elmo stare......

This is Jocelyn at the intermission saying, "DADDY? ELMO?" She had to know where Elmo was and when was he coming back???? I love the head tilt!

More questioning of the Elmo's whereabouts!

Oh and after the show instead of us hearing her say "melmo" we kept hearing "ABBY!?" She even found one of her books with Elmo and Abby in it and pointed to every picture of Abby she could find and would say her name! So we might be approaching a new favorite character soon!

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