Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jocelyn in all her Jocelyn-ness

Jocelyn loves her crib! When she wants to get in she says, "ni-night?!" weather she wants to play or sleep! The other day she was playing in there and we snapped some quick photos. Yes, they are mostly blurry! But still had to post em' because they are just too funny and show her fun personality!


After work and school we often find ourselves again outside! Thankfully it's finally starting to warm up. I know we may regret asking for the heat but come on already!

Right before this picture that hat was in her pool. Which was full of water. So the hat was soaking wet. Do you think Jocelyn cared!? Obviously not! On her head that "HAT!" went!

Jocelyn laughing while daddy is saying, "say cheese!" She thought it was hilarious that she couldn't see him apparently!

Peek-a-boo....there she is!!

"ta-da"....a new favorite phrase by Jocelyn!

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