Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Past Weekends...

backing up a bit.....back, back, back....

On Memorial day in the morning we decided to take off early and go to South Coast Plaza! We wanted to take Jocelyn to the Rainforest Cafe for the first time for lunch! As you can see from the picture above, she was NOT a fan of this place. At first, she loved walking around the store they have off the resturant and laughed at the talking tree! She "ooooed" and "awwwed" at the fish tank that was above us as we waited in line for a table.

But then it happened....the lightening, the thunder...the flashing lights....the gorilla's pounding there chests! Ok maybe they weren't doing that but they were making some very deep, loud gorilla noises! Jocelyn's eyes got very wide as she pointed to those two gorilla's and said, "NO! no! NO!" Oh no....mommy was getting nervous!

I just played it off and said, "those silly gorilla's!" But then I quickly leaned into the hostess and requested we get a table well away from those gorilla's! She gave me a understanding wink and off we went to the other side of the resturant.

Well that wasn't much better as there are two giant (if you are 33" tall anyways) elephants over there! Again, Jocelyn pointed at them and told them "NO!" and looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, "bye bye??" Sigh.....

But we stuck it out and hopefully ordered food! Jocelyn wanted no part of sitting in her highchair alone. So she sat in my lap the whole time. She actually ate really well but the minute the bill came we were outta of there! She was getting more distressed as the time went on and we didn't want to tramatize her any more! Maybe we will see you in a few more months....years?

After that was when we got the call about Steve's mom! Thanks for everyones prayers! She is getting better and started solid foods last night! Hooray! She was also moved to a regular hospital room! Another huge blessing! We are taking it day by day and hope she will be out of the hospital soon!!

We got a few more picture's of Ryder's party so I wanted to post those! One family photos! Woohoo! Too bad Jocelyn's eyes are semi-closed! Oh well-I'll take it!

and the kid group shot that is always SO hard to get!

I thought this was too funny/ironic not to post about. I like to make cards for people when I have time so I'm moving that tradition on to Jocelyn! I gave her a piece of blank cardstock and two crayons and told her to "make a 2nd birthday card for Ryder". She got right to work! Two seconds later I looked down and saw the above masterpiece!!! HA! I was super shocked and laughed out loud when I saw she had written a "2".....ok so it was a TOTAL fluke of her little toddler hand....but still...come crazy is that??? Oh and is that an "h" on the other side??? Of COURSE it is! HAHAHA! Ok obviously I'm not some crazy parent who thinks my toddler wrote an "h" or "2" but just thought it was funny how it happened!

So then I added this to finish off the card!

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she is brilliant and amazing.....obviously she is texting!!!! love...AC