Monday, August 4, 2008

Honeymoon - Day 2

Day two of our honeymoon saw me and Kari starting the day off by visiting Rodney Strong Vineyards and then visiting Ledson and St. Francis Vineyards.  

Rodney Strong was wonderful and tasty!  We highly recommend you try their Symmetry wine, tasty stuff!  

Ledson, well, I thought the architecture was built by Vandalay Industries!  Frank Lloyd Write is spinning in his grave because of this gaudy piece of lameness that is an eyesore on the landscape of Sonoma Valley!  Their wine was not too special, either.  To complete the triad of lameness, their wine is only available at the winery!  They really do think their wine is that good.  In addition, they do not even sell to restaurants!  To me, that is Castanza logic at its finest!

St. Francis was good, nothing too special.  We did get some great recommendations for food here, though!  However, we went to one of them, Bluewater Cafe and Grill, and it was closed on Monday.  We did eat there the next day, more on that later.

We ate at The Fig Cafe and had the best Mac-N-Cheese ever! was almost as if they took fondue cheese and mixed it with noodles and topped it with grated croutons!  Yumminess!

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