Friday, August 22, 2008

It's been 4 weeks already!

We can not believe it's been 4 weeks since the wedding! We are still talking about little things we remembered during that day. We are also patiently (well sorta) for our proffesional wedding photo's! It's our photog's most busy time of year so we understand...but I'm getting antsy! I just hope they came out well!
I don't think we ever mentioned that my cousin, Curtis married us. He is actually my "little" cousin! He is training to be a pastor now and we thought it would be sentimental for us and great practice for him! Even though I remember the day he was born, holding him when I was 9 years old, thinking his head was really heavy, he still towers over me today! Crazy how time flies by! He himself will be getting married in Dec.!
So tonight we will celebrate at Bono's in LB off 2nd Street! We love that place and had to restrain ourselves from eating their for awhile! But now we are back in the game! Happy 4 wks!

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