Monday, August 11, 2008

Auberge du Soliel-Last night in Napa!

This was actually our last night in Napa! I skipped ahead! Steve's been really busy with trying to catch up on his masters after slacking a bit while traveling. So I'm posting some honeymoon hightlights for now!
My sister and brother-in-law, Robin and Jeff gave Steve and I a dinner to Amberge du Soliel for our wedding gift! It was an incredible generous gift! We had such a good time and they practically rolled us out we were so full. When we came in they had our perfect table waiting for us. Robin and Jeff choose this table since it has the best view! They were very specific with them! We had a card from Robin and Jeff on the table labeled "The Davis Party"! Love that! The picture above is actually after we ate all the a slight food coma.

Here is the card along with champagne on the table when we got there!

This was one picture of our view. The cabana's below are from the hotel! Yes Amberge du Soleil also has a hotel! Then directly below us you can see part of a wedding receptions!

My app! Crab with watermelon, tomatoes..and these little jelly balls. Not sure what they were but they were good! Yes, I totally ate crab! Steve was so proud!

I forget what Steve got as an app! But this was it! ;-)

We also both got the white corn soup with lobster in the middle! It was AMAZING!!!!!!! They bring it out to you with the lobster already in the middle and then they pour the soup around it! Pretty cool! Can you believe I had lobster and crab in one night. I preferred the lobster for sure!
Steve's entree was Duck!
I had the Steak! It seriously melted in my mouth! White corn was a huge side out in Napa during this time of year!
This was a melon ball pallette cleanser that they sterve to you between meals! I think we actually had this before dinner! I can't remember now! But it was yummy too!

Of COURSE we BOTH had to get our dessert. Steve and I have a thing we don't share is dessert! You get your own! Heehee! Those little crossiant looking balls above are filled with the most yummy chocolate you have ever tasted! The yellow liquid is actually olive oil! The ice cream I didn't care for...Steve took care of that for me! I think it was basil flavored..kinda different!

Steve went the fruit route for his dessert! He loved it his too!

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