Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are going to be an AUNT and UNCLE!!!!!

MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!!!!!!! Woohoo! We are SO excited. Since it's offically out in the open I can now blog about it. She is a little over 10 weeks right now! Due March 12th! I can't wait to meet our neice or nephew! Kelly and Ryan just bought a house in Redondo Beach right off the water and then a few days later they found out the news! So exciting for everyone! Oh and it's only one! She made them check around a lot to make sure we weren't having more twins! She was really happy about that though! :-)

*Side note: We also found out our cousin is having the third set of twins for our family! Two girls! Due in Dec.! Kelly and I are the first set. The 2nd are Sonia and Sam who are almost 2yrs old now and then the new set of girls!

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