Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Honeymoon - Day 3 and 4 Chateau St. Jean

Driving into Chateau St. Jean. These grounds are soo incredibly gorgeous! We became members here too! Steve's parents and sister are also members here and we see why now! The people here were so nice. We also tasted the Reserve wines and when the man found out we were newlyweds he waved the fee! Sweet! We actually went to this place twice. The 2nd day we had sandwiches made, bought a bottle of wine and sat out by the picnic tables. They have picnic areas overlooking the vineyards! It's so peaceful and beautiful! We can't wait to go back!

Our first day we bought about 8 or their wines! With the members discount it wasn't too bad!

The picture reminds me of the earthquake that So Cal had on Tuesday! We found out at this winery! We called home and had Steve's parents check our house out. Some doors were opened and some of our medicine cabinets had opened and spilled some stuff out but nothing else! My work wasn't so lucky! Lots of cracks and damage their! My office was a mess but everyone thankfully cleaned it up for me!

We kinda tripped out that all the ivy goes the same way! We are impressed by small things apparently! :-)

Ok where now?

Oh 2nd Day Picnic Picture:

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