Monday, August 4, 2008

Honeymoon - Day 1

Hello friends, family, and blog stockers, this is the first in a series of blog posts from our honeymoon in beautiful Sonoma and Napa Valley's.  I will try and post a daily update as we go through our pictures.  In addition, there will be separate posts for food because, well, we ate a ton of wonderful food that requires more in depth explanation!

Day one of our honeymoon was largely spent in the car driving up North to Sonoma Valley.  We stayed at the Hilton Wine Country and loved our room and view.  However, we had to pay ten bucks a day for the internet!  Lame!

As Kari danced around the room with a bottle of 2001 Justin Isosceles, I looked through the maps and books already in the hotel and found a place for us to eat: Jon Ash and Company.  The map/book had labeled it as a $$ dinner - meaning average price 10 - 20 dollars a person - well, it was wrong.  The food, however, was amazing, and where we had the second best view and dessert of the entire honeymoon!

Lastly, tired from driving and experiencing our first wonderful food coma, Kari and I went back to our hotel's bar and had a few drinks...

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