Monday, March 7, 2011


This was Jocelyn's casual Friday outfit! I have to say it really is fun picking her outfits every morning. She has really gotten into as well. Her favorite part is the shoes though. She wakes up talking about them and goes to bed at night talking about them! SHOOESS!!!

I haven't updated the blog lately since I've felt so terrible most of the time! I actually haven't even announced that we are pregnant again on the blog yet either. We have a bunch of picture's of our peanut since they apparently wanted to get picture's much sooner than we planned! I'll update all of that in another blog post along with the ultrasounds. We are 10weeks as of Friday though! I mostly just feel really bad at night now. So that is an improvement from weeks before! Hopefully that stops soon as well!
Saturday we went to Nicolas' first tee-ball game! He got a grand slam his first time up to bat! He also caught a ball in the outfield and threw it to 1st base! All very exciting! It was so cute to watch all the kids! It was perfect weather too!

Nicolas and Jocelyn after the game! Jocelyn had fun clapping for everyone!

Sunday we met Ryan, Kelly, Emma and Jack down on 2nd Street! There is a train set up for kids to play with in front of Ace Hardware. Too bad the wind was coming down the street on that side. Or else we would have stayed longer to play! Way too cold for the kiddies! We had a good time and ate at BJ's pizza for an early lunch! All 3 kids did great!
I'll update more soon!

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Anonymous said...

love the new fact,love all the pictures. She is getting so grown-up! Nooooooooooooooooo please stay a baby Jocelyn. Buy the way Kari and Steve...congrats!!!love, aunt cherie