Monday, March 28, 2011

Watching Jack

This past weekend we got to watch Jack overnight. Emma went to my moms house so Kelly and Ryan could celebrate their 4 yrs wedding anniversary! Jack is such an easy baby! He is pretty much happy to do anything and only fusses when he is hungry or tired!

Jocelyn wasn't sure so at first when he started to play with her toys. But after a little bit she started to actually bring him toys. So that worked out. She was still a little freaked out when he came barrelling towards her in his crawling motion. A few times he tried to climb up her which obviously didn't work out well! He just wanted to be in the action too!

But all in all it was a great weekend!

Jack loved Jocelyn's car. I was suprised to see that she was OK with him sitting it in too. She even pushed him around a bit!
Jack is very strong! Anything that comes near him he will grab so you better have a good handle on it or it's going flying!

That was Jocelyn looking at Daddy' holding Jack. She wasn't so sure about that!

You can barely see Jack's hands because they are banging so fast on the kitchen table! Jocelyn thought that was hysterical! The trickiest part of the weekend was Jocelyn and Jack were ready for bed at the same time. So Steve put Jack to bed and I put Jocelyn to bed! Jack only woke up once but went back down easily after half a bottle! Jocelyn even slept in on Sunday so I got some alone time with Jack in the morning! So much fun!
Then on Sunday Grandma E came down with Emma. The girls played and ate some lunch together. Then Grandma took Jack & Emma back home! What a great weekend!

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wish I could have been there...AC