Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Santa Ana Zoo

Stephen had a birthday on Saturday! We celebrated by taking him to breakfast first thing! Then as we talked about what to do that day we decided to go to the zoo! It was suppose to rain later in the day so we thought getting there early would be best! The rain held off and it wasn't even cold actually!
Jocelyn seemed most impressed with the monkey's! They swung from branch to branch to show her their skills! She kept saying, "WHOOAAA.." and would giggle everytime they did that or jumped close to her!

She desperately wanted in their cages though!

We found this giant turtle that Jocelyn was not so sure about. With Daddy's encouragement she stood next to it.

They she realized he had an eye! She loves to point out peoples, dolls and animals eyes to us! So I think that warmed her up a bit!

YEP! Definitely feeling better about the turtle now!

But her most favorite part of the zoo was....the JEEP! Seriously? We had to go sit on it twice and when we left the jeep she was very very sad! HA!

Hanging out with some kids waiting for her turn to sit in the drivers seat!

What a great way to spend Daddy's birthday!

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Anonymous said...

first of all happy birthday Steve.Love that you coach soccer! Now Mommy......I am not at all surprised that Jocelyn didn't want to get out of the jeep!!!! I bet she would love to drive it down Bake Road! love...AC