Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 months Pregnant!

So we are officially pregnant with our 2nd child and could not be more excited! After 1 ER visit and many naps on the couch, I'm finally starting to feel better. Each day I would get sick later and later into the day some days I only feel sick a few small, short times. I've also been going to bed as soon as Jocelyn is all settled in! It definitely helps when I get to bed early!

I still have to be careful with what I eat though. I'm trying to take in more calories as I lost another 5lbs this month. But the doctor is not worried and said I will make it up in no time! Ha!

I could not have gotten through these past 3 months without my most wonderful husband! He has been so amazing taking care of Jocelyn when I'm not feeling best.
We saw the baby bean again yesterday! It's heartrate was 169. Jocelyn's was 174 at the same stage. This kid was moving ALL over the place though. Jocelyn never moved that much during her multiple ultrasounds. This baby was waving and kicking it's feet! Then it would float up and down! Looked to be having a really good time in there! We saw the baby so clear but when they went to get the shot it would get blurry. So the picture's are hard to see. But it is always so fun seeing the baby!
My blood pressure is only slightly elevated this time. No need for medication yet like I had with Jocelyn. So that is a good! But the doctor will continue to monitor it. Hopefully it will stay down this time!
Everything else looked great with the baby and all my bloodwork came back as perfect! Yippee! Next appt is in 4 wks!

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Anonymous said...

YIPEE SKIPEE!!!!!! I am sooooo happy for you two and your little family....xoxox AC