Friday, March 25, 2011

First French Braid

If you have a little girl you know how much fun it is to do their hair each morning. Or maybe in theory but when you are actually doing it your vision usually gets simplified quickly due to the squirmy toddler below you! So most mornings Jocelyn's hair looks like the above!

Thrown to the side in a rubber band after I have combed water into it to tame her bedhead. Then we usually throw in a matching bow or flower clip and off she goes!

She is getting pretty use to this but I still only have short moments to execute it before she starts to pull away!

So you can imagine my surprise when Jocelyn came home with a FRENCH BRAID in her hair after daycare!

Lori also has the task of combing water through Jocelyn's hair after her nap. Her hair is always redone just perfect when she gets home. Way better than I had ever done it that morning! I still need practice. But this time I was so surprised to see that braid! I just couldn't imagine Jocelyn sitting there long enough for that perfect little braid to be created! So of course I had to take picture's because it will be a long time before I can accomplish that with her! But I will sure try very soon!

While eating her dinner of peanut butter & jelly that she requested. Ok well that I asked her if she wanted and she said, "uh huh..." while shaking her head yes!

What hair style will we do next!?

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh..... she is so darn cute! And you are right on target...her AC had a PBJ for dinner last night! I was going to have a bowl of honey nut cheerios but opted for the comfort food of the PBJ! But ANYWAY......that little braid is so stinkin cute:)