Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Month in Pictures!

Jocelyn is 16 months now! She is a happy, healthy, dancing toddler these days! Jan was a pretty cough, snot free month for us! What a blessing! We are so happy to be done with Jan and the stigma last year made us feel regarding Jocelyn's health! We continue to pray for any and all babies that get RSV this season. We have heard it's a lot again!

She will continue on her breathing treatments through Feb. Hoping for a rain free month! She has also been doing very well on Prevacid (her new reflux meds) and has had little throw ups/spits ups. Yippee!

So off to tell about our adventure's this past month!
Jocelyn loves her chalk! I was doing laundry while Jocelyn was hanging out with me in the garage. When I turned around just in time to see her about to chalk on the side of my car! GASP! Silly girl, chalk is for sidewalks!

On the way home from daycare with daddy! She loves all her babies! She has 3 now and they all need to be rocked, fed and given pacifiers! Jocelyn never leaves any of them out! She often strolls them around the house in their strollers as well! What a good mommy Jocelyn is to her babies!

My cousin Whitney and her husband Jordan came down from Seatle a few weekends ago too! Jordan was checking out the Pepperdine law school! He is also exploring his options to get his MBA! So we had them over Friday night for dinner! We got to hang out in Redondo Beach on the pier with Whitney on Saturday! She was born and raised in CA so she needed some sun exposure! It was a perfectly bright and sunny day!
Couldn't believe that Jocelyn actually wanted to go to Auntie Kelly! Whitney is holding Jack! Way to bright for the babies!

Jocelyn was mesmerized by the waves. Everytime they crashed to shore she would applaud them and say, "WHHHOOOAA!!" Could barely tear her away when it was time to go! Meanwhile mommy was freaking out over the drop. Even though Jocelyn couldn't fit through those railings by a long shot, still freaked me out!

Then finally off to Bono's on 2nd St. for a family lunch last weekend! We had given Steve's parents a dual gift with his sister and brother in law of lunch and a family photo shoot last (yes, 2009) Christmas! So it a way overdue lunch! We will do the photo shoot this spring!
Jocelyn did really well considering we made her sit there for 2 hours! As most of you with kids know, toddlers are not ones for sitting still! Her threshhold at resturaunts is usually 45 minutes TOPS so this was good. It helped that it wasn't too busy! I always worry about ruining someone else's nice dinner!

We couldn't leave 2nd Street without stopping by the Frosted Cupcakery That place always has the best cupcakes. They now have these mini mud pie desserts with cake on each side and frosting in the middle. When we went they had 3 flavors. They are the perfect size and not too much! I wanted 5 more!
So great first month to 2011!

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