Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Sat. Night...

So Saturday night we watched Nicolas again. We had gotten Robin and Jeff a gift card for Christmas along with a "babysitting coupon" to go with it! After Nicolas woke up from his nap we deicded to ventured out for the first time alone with him! He even suckered us in to letting him wear half of his pajama's which would be a Thomas the Train shirt! Didn't match, but who wants to argue with a 2yr old right? So we took off to BJ's pizza! The 35 minute wait made us bit nervous but Nicolas handled it very well! Being that is was our first time out to dinner with him alone, we played it safe and asked for the check as soon as we ordered! Such a great idea, because as soon as we were done eating and it looked like Nicolas couldn't sit anymore, we could leave! The top pix shows Steve and Nicolas eating lemons! Nicolas loves "emons"! He makes the funniest faces when he eats them though! Beware he will fish a lemon out of your water with no problem!

We came back and taught him how to play Hungry Hungry Hippo...well sorta play! The concept of the game was a bit hard for Nicolas to understand so putting all the balls in the middle and going crazy trying to get your hippo to eat the balls was so much fun for him! Um can I tell you this is a very loud game too! Apparently one ball is already missing..we hope it's just in your pocket Nicolas and not in your tummy! Essh!

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